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About Robert Wilkos & VIP Jets

Robert Wilkos, known as the founder of, stands as a well known figure in the private aviation sector. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for aviation led to the establishment of VIP Jets, a luxury jet charter company known for its exceptional service, safety, and global reach. Under his leadership, has gained access to over 10,000 aircraft worldwide, offering unparalleled travel experiences to a diverse clientele including business executives, celebrities, and discerning families.

Beyond his remarkable achievements in aviation, Wilkos has demonstrated a strong commitment to education and community development through the founding of the Robert Wilkos Scholarship. This $1000 General Scholarship is aimed at supporting US-based students, reflecting Wilkos’ belief in the power of education to transform lives. His dedication to nurturing young talent and fostering academic excellence is a testament to his philanthropic vision.

Wilkos’ career has been marked by his innovative approach to business and his unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. His work in the aviation industry has not only elevated the standards of private jet travel but also inspired a new generation of aviation professionals. Through both and the Robert Wilkos Scholarship, he has made significant contributions to the field of private aviation and education, solidifying his legacy as a leader and philanthropist.